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CMS sheds new light on ICD-10 after grace period ends


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The Importance of technology in CDI

July 2016…

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ICD-10: Changing Payment Considerations

As we draw closer to the Oct. 1 implementation of ICD-10, concern about impacts to payment is increasing. On the inpatient side, hospitals are already well aware of the financial relevance of ICD-9 codes, yet the financial impact of ICD-10 is even easier to grasp. On the ambulatory side, the financial impacts are not as obvious. Many physicians believe that there is no financial relevance to ICD-10 codes, because they are paid on service codes and not on ICD-10 codes. Beyond ICD-10…


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Tavenner: No Delays for Stage 2, ICD-10

ORLANDO — CMS administrator says the agency will show some flexibility, but she urges providers to hit targets on time.

ORLANDO — While acknowledging that health care providers and vendors are under immense pressure to meet mounting deadlines, CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner said that the agency will not be tapping the brakes.

“Now is not the time for us to stop moving forward,” Tavenner said during her speech today at HIMSS14. “We do understand that some providers and…


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A Chronic Problem

02.11.14 by Paul Barr H&HN Senior Writer

As baby boomers age, a huge spike in chronic illness poses a thorny problem to an evolving health care system

Framing the issue:

• Caring for the chronically ill elderly is a poorly coordinated and costly endeavor under most existing care models.

• With millions of baby boomers getting older and acquiring one or more chronic conditions, the problem will…


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CMS keeps industry on its toes with Medicare Advantage rates

While keeping their options open, Medicare regulators are proposing to reduce Medicare Advantage rates by 3.5 percent, along with some other changes that could make the decline even steeper.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released the much anticipated advanced notice of annual Medicare Advantage and Part D changes amid expectations of a large decline and warnings, media campaigns and lobbying by a number of insurers, trade groups, lawmakers and seniors…


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ASES acusa a Triple S de engaño y encubrimiento en pesquisa por Ley HIPAA

Por: Ely Acevedo Denis

Publicado: 18/02/2014 06:02 am

La reciente multa de $6.8 millones que la Administración de Seguros de Salud (ASES) ha notificado que le impondrá a la aseguradora Triple-S por violación de los derechos de privacidad de unos 13,336 beneficiarios de la cubierta Medicare Platino de Mi Salud, ha puesto sobre la mesa que dicha compañía de…


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MU Fraud On The Rise, OIG Warns

Vulnerabilities in electronic health records systems are creating opportunities for fraud among healthcare providers and contractors working to achieve Meaningful Use attestation, says the Office of Inspector General.

With CMS spending at least $18.8 billion through December on Meaningful…


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OIG to examine hospital executive pay caps

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' watchdog arm intends to study whether caps on the compensation of hospital executives could have an impact on future costs to the Medicare program.

The HHS' Office of the Inspector General 2014 work plan includes an examination of…


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7 Million Health Records Breached in 2013

Feb. 6—More than 7 million patient health records were breached in 2013, which was a 138 percent increase from the preceding year, according to an annual federal tally.

The 7,095,145 health record breaches, which were totaled by Redspin, an IT security consulting firm, were the most reported since the 10.8 million breaches reported…


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2-Midnight Enforcement Delayed Until October

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) delayed for an additional six months enforcement of its new Medicare hospital admissions policy.

The two-midnight rule established new inpatient hospital admission requirements under Medicare Part A that required each physician to document that they expect the beneficiary to require a stay of at least two midnights and admit the patient based on…


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HIPAA data breaches climb 138 percent

When talking HIPAA privacy and security, the numbers do most of the talking. 

Take 29.3 million, for instance, the number of patient health records compromised in a HIPAA data breach since 2009, or 138 percent, the percent jump in the number of health records breached just from 2012. 
These numbers, compiled in a February 2014 breach report by healthcare IT security firm Redspin, though, don't tell the whole…

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2014: CMS EHR Incentive Audit Risk – Patient Engagement and Portals

By Jim Tate, EMR Advocate

Meaningful Use Audit Expert

Twitter: @JimTate, eMail: audits@emradvocate.com

EHR meaningful use (MU) attestations for 2014 carry significant new challenges to successfully surviving a potential incentive audit. The name of the game for both…


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ICD-10: Just Do It

As adults, we learn theories in many different ways; however, until we apply those theories or glean “What’s in it for me?” it’s difficult to truly learn much.

The opportunity to take knowledge and apply it in practice is a great one, especially when we are talking about ICD-10. I have been knee-deep in ICD-10 during the past year. I have received vast amounts of information about ICD-10 that I heard and thought I learned; however, until I underwent the experience of coding records in…


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OIG 2014


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Humana sued over consumer troubles cancelling policy

Humana is being sued by an individual policyholder claiming he has been unable to cancel the plan despite months of trying, in what may be first such lawsuit over insurance company practices during the transition to ACA-compliant health plans.

Daniel Doyle, a Missouri resident living in greater Kansas City, bought a Humana One individual health plan, with monthly premiums of $229, that took effect in December 2012, about a year before many policies were set to be phased out under the…


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ACA-related complaints challenge payers

January 24, 2014 | By Jane Antonio

Insurers nationwide are dealing with waves of frazzled customers having trouble enrolling in or using new health insurance coverage pursuant to the Affordable Care Act: Call centers are swamped with time-consuming inquiries, billing is askew, and people who paid a premium and need…


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Diabetes Mellitus Coding in ICD-10-CM

The codes for diabetes mellitus have expanded in ICD-10-CM into five categories of codes. The codes were made into combination codes that bundle in the type, the body system affected, and any complications of the body system. The five categories are as follows:

E08   Diabetes mellitus due to an underlying condition

E09   Drug or chemically induced diabetes mellitus

E10   Type 1 diabetes mellitus

E11   Type 2 diabetes…


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